A Veteran in The Glass Field

Calibear as a 10 years veteran in the glass-blowing field, features a more advanced & exquisite glass-blowing handiwork.

We offer a premium wide selection of American-designed glass that represents both progressive, creative design as well as top-quality construction, including dab rigs, water bongs, hand pipes, heady glass, silicone glass. In addition, we also carry a full line of accessories such as: glass bowls, downstems, quartz bangers, carb caps, honey buckets, gender changers, rolling trays, grinders and scales. Whether you are seeking efficiency, effectiveness, portability, or aesthetic appeal, we have an ideal kit for you.


The Best Value for Money

You can buy great pieces with even lower prices the smoke shops around you bought with. Running an experienced team and plant of our own enable us to offer a wide range of premium vaping, dabbing, and smoking accessories at awesome prices. While we focus on:

  • Offering amazing deals. We have low overhead on products at wholesale rates, which means we can sell the same products cheaper than just about everyone.
  • Staying on top of what's new on the scene. We’re always refreshing our followers smoking life with outstanding designs and expanding line-up of products.
  • Shipping orders quickly and reliably. And if anything comes up, we’re here 24/7 to answer any questions you have.


We Offer:

  •  Free Shipping on all orders
  •  Free Gifts With Most Orders
  •  Fast Delivery
  •  Hassle Free Returns
  •  Discreet Shipping and Billing
  •  Email Tracking Updates
  •  Excellent Customer Service
  •  Lifetime Product Support


Live the High Life

We strive to offer the ultimate glass buying experience that provides each customer with confidence that they bought a great piece with great price.

We’re also happy to pass along the knowledge we have on any products we carry.

Any questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.


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