How to Hide the Smell of Smoke

For some people the smell of smoke is welcoming and comforting and indicates the signs of a good time ,but for others, the smell is unwanted and frowned upon. Attracting unwanted attention when smoking can be a real buzz kill. Whether you are smoking in your hotel or dorm room or even in public, trying to hide the smell of smoke is something we have all experienced before. If you are an avid smoker its important to know the best way to hide the smell of smoke and keep your activities discreet and private. The next time you want to take a toke but find yourself needing to cover up the smell, these tips to reduce the smell will be sure to help.

Clearing The Air of Smoke & Smells

1) Ventilate the room.

If you're going to smoke inside and need to hide the smell of your smoke, the first and most important thing to do is ventilate the room. It wont eliminate the odor completely but it will help big time and also help the smell not stay around as long. The best thing to do when smoking indoors is to smoke in a room with a door and a window.

  • Close the door to the room you are smoking in. You want to keep the smoke contained in that room so it doesn't leak into our parts of your house or building you are smoking in.
  • Place a damp towel under the door to block the crack under the door. This will help contain the smoke smell to only your room.
  • Put a fan in the window facing outwards. This will help suck up the smoke and force it outside rather than inside the room. To be really diligent be sure to smoke right next to the fan so no smoke has a chance to escape into the room.
  • Blow all your smoke into the back of the fan so it is immediately blown outside the window.

2) Mask the smell of smoke with other smells. 

Covering up the smell of smoke with another smell can be both a good idea or bad idea. Some sprays such as ozium air freshener and candles are made specifically to hide the smell of smoke. If you don't have one of these special candles or sprays a simple cologne or perfume will do the trick. It is always best to stick with just one air freshener or candle so the room doesn't smell like you tried to cover up the smoke smell with tons of different things. Be sure not to spray too much because a room that smells too much like air freshener can be a dead giveaway that you were just smoking in there.

  • Use a sploof! a.k.a an empty toilet paper roll stuff with dryer sheets.
  • Air fresheners like ozium help to actually neutralize the odor of smoke.
  • Febreze can help hide bad smells because it contains a chemical that actively traps and retains foul smelling particles.
  • Citrus is always a good option. Cut up an orange and place the peels around your smoking room.
  • Many smokers use incense to cover up the smell of smoke however everyone knows incense and smokers usually go together so we don't recommend using them.

3) Use an air purifier or air filter. 

If you are an avid smoker it may be worth investing in a good air purifier to continually keep the air clean where you smoke. Traditional air purifiers do not remove smoke particles because they are too small. However, HEPA filters and electronic air ionizers are designed to specifically remove small particles from the air. This will not completely solve the problem but it will certainly help. There are some products on the market that are designed for the exact purpose of filtering out the smell of smoke. The most well know is the smoke buddy air filter. As soon as your inhale your smoke your blow it through the smoke buddy and it neutralizes the smoke smell immediately. This is not 100% effective but pretty damn close.

4) Smoke outside. 

If you can smoke outside this will element the risk of the smoke smell staying around for awhile. However be aware the smell of smoke can travel pretty far so make sure you don't have any nosy neighbors or people nearby to get a wiff of what you're smoking. Also be extra careful when smoking in public places like parks as smoking is often banned from these areas.

5) Smoke in the shower.

Yes I know this sounds a little weird but desperate times call for desperate measures. When you smoke in the shower the smoke particles are absorbed by the moisture in the air and sucked up through the air vent.

Use a Vaporizer or Vape Pen

Using an oil or wax vape pen is the perfect way to avoid the smell of smoke almost entirely. Vaporizers produce vapor and not combusted smoke which emit far less odor than smoking a traditional pipe. In recent years Vape Pens have become much more advanced and discreet adding another reason for giving one a try. Some even contain flavoring to help mask the smell while smoking. Many look like cigarettes and the average person would never be able to tell the difference. If you don't have access to concentrates to use with wax pens, a dry herb vaporizer is always another good option. Although there is still a smoke smell, it is significantly less and also dissipates much faster than traditional smoke. Portable vaporizers and vape pens fit easily in your pocket, purse or backpack and can easily be concealed if need be.

Removing Odors from Your Body and Clothes

Often times people forget how much smoke and odor can be contained on their clothes, hair and body. If you are smoking a cigarette or anything that is rolled that will emit the most amount of odor onto your clothes and body.Using a bong or glass pipe will help prevent some of this odor from attaching to your body as your are not directly holding anything that is emitting smoke. When you smoke a cigarette the smell is immediately attached to your hands and face which you might not even notice since you are use to the smell. You ever walk by someone that is an avid cigarette smoker and get a huge smell of smoke even if they aren't smoking? That is because it is embedded in their clothes and skin.

1) Change your clothes.

Even if you think you managed to cover up and remove the smoke smell from your room or car and mask the odor the smell will most definitely still be on your clothes.

  • Bring a spare change of clothes if you are smoking at a friends house.
  • If you can't immediately change clothes, spray them with lysol or febreeze to help kill the odor.

2) Brush your teeth and clean your breath.

Just like your clothing your breath will be sure to hold a significant amount of odor from smoking since you are inhaling the smoke through your mouth. Anyone that has ever kissed or talked to an avid smoker will know just how much odor can be smelt on a persons breath. No worry though there are tons of ways to fix this problem.

  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash. This will give you the freshest breath possible and element all the smoke smell from your breath. Carry a spare toothbrush and toothpaste around with you if need be.
  • Chew a bunch of strong mints. Breath mints are intended to freshen your breath so eating a bunch of them after smoking if you don't have time to brush your teeth is another great way to hide the smell. Combining mints and brushing your teeth is the sure fire way to make sure your breath smells minty fresh!

3) Wash your hands.

As we mentioned earlier your hands will smell horribly like smoke after smoking a cigarette or anything that is rolled. Not to worry that is also easy to take care of.

  • Use a scented soap and warm water. Use a bunch of soap and wash your hands really good being sure to scrub all parts of your hands and even up to your elbows just to be on the safe side. If you don't have hand soap, any type of body wash or even shampoo should do the trick.
  • Rinse your hands really well after cleaning.
  • Use hand sanitizer to remove the odor from your hands. This is quick and and easy and you can even carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you.

4) Take a shower.

Smoke not only attaches to your clothes and skin but also your hair. So if at all possible it is always best to take a full shower after smoking to totally remove the odor from your body.

  • Use a scented shampoo and body wash to remove the smoke odor and make yourself smell super clean and fresh.
  • Spray on some cologne or perfume afterwards.

Hide The Smell of Your Dry Herbs

So now that you are a master at hiding the smell of smoke during and after smoking. It is also very important to know how to contain that pungent odor from your dry herbs when they are not being smoked. The good news is this is a lot easier than covering up the smell of smoke.

1) Air-Tight Containers.

Most people keep their stash in ziplock bags thinking they contain the smell but more than likely they do not especially if you are smoking the good stuff. Using an air tight container such as a mason jar or vacuum sealed jar is always your best bet. These will keep the odor contained when your herbs are not being used. Be aware though that once you open that jar the smell will immediately fill the room so do it quickly and carefully. Keeping your herbs in an air-tight container not only contain the smell but they also help to keep your stash fresh 


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